Wrap Wicker Console M

Wrap Wicker Console M

Rs. 35,321.00

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A design extension of our existing Wrap console; the Wrap Wicker console infuses the finesse of factory-found industrial elements into homes. 

Illustrating an expression that is uniquely Spin, Wrap Wicker console uses warm and cold materials to come to life.  A combination of 3 major materials goes into its making- Metal sheet which wraps around the veneered top and bottom, Hard wood and Wicker sliding panels in the front. The fluted glass of Wrap console was replaced with natural wicker to bring through this beautiful product.

Organize your entertainment gadgetry and mount your television atop Wrap to give your room the definition it needs. Alternatively, use it as a sideboard for storage and display purposes.

It comes in 3 sizes. The small and medium sizes are perfect for your bedroom TV console with space for your gadgets. The large size is great for you living, dining or bedroom with extra height and storage space.

Wrap Wicker Small - For 40-55 inches T.V., Tata sky console, small DVD player and other small gadgets

 Wrap Wicker Medium - For 40-55 inches T.V., Playstation, X-box, DVD player etc

 Wrap Wicker Large - For 40-55 inches T.V., Playstation, X-box, DVD player etc

Dimensions (inch) - W47.2 x H21.6 x D17.7

Shipping - Within 21 days