Who Are We?

We are Spin. Rooted in contemporary culture, our motivation lies in disrupting the humdrum of life around us. Each object thus crafted is a conversation starter, a space-transformer. Result being elevated, experiential living for you.

Our Story

Spin is the brainchild of a group of us close friends(founders of Shark).* How immediate ambience affects mood, thoughts and efficiency- we understand. 

Our intuition and retail shop-fitting experience with Shark lies at the helm. A discerning sense of industrial design and production processes backed with a cutting edge manufacturing facility form the founding stone of Spin product universe.

Madewithspin is a trademark of Shark Shopfits Private Limited.

*India’s  leading retail shopfitting and manufacturing company www.sharkshopfits.online


Towards the end of 2010s, the world around us was evolving@thoughts. Clothes, shoes, accessories, lifestyle- you name it. All available in the most avant-garde version of those times, comparable to International standards in style and aesthetics. Against that exciting evolving backdrop, the striking absence of contemporary Furniture design expression in India caught our eye. That observation to us is the originating point of Spin.


The idea incubation process, went on for two years before we launched our e-commerce platform www.madewithspin.com 

Shortly after, we opened our first Experience store. Its a sprawling10,000 sq.ft. lifestyle space at Dhanmill compounds, New Delhi— Delhi’s favourite Design haunt.

Our Vision

To build SPIN as a limitless universe of honest, accessible and design forward products for transformation of everyday spaces. 

Design Principles

‘Design should be simple, functional and capable of transforming  the space it occupies,’ says Avenish- Founder, Designer of Spin.

That sentence set the tone of design principles at Spin right from its inception. Add to it, the non-negotiable mandate of seamless integration between Design and Manufacturing teams. Result being practical, edgy and great quality products in quick turnaround time.

Our Core Team

SPIN founders are a group of close friends with a unique personal-professional relationship. Socially, they hangout often and their easy camaraderie forms the basis of the casual, fun, exciting work culture at Spin. 







Singularly oriented towards crafting experiential design solutions, our panel of designers express a strong sense of form and function. Each product of ours has a personality. Each object is a conversation-starter.