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SPIN-About Us


Attuned to the dynamic times we live in, Spin is a buoyant initiative in furniture segment. We understand that lines between home, office and recreation have progressively begun to blur making adaptable and mixed-use spaces a norm than exception. The trend necessitates modern furnishings that compliment and redefine existing lifestyle in favour of a more free-flowing one.

Fortunately for us at Spin, reinterpreting spaces and lifestyles is an inherent strand in our DNA. We inherit this gene from our parent company ‘Shark Design Studio’- India’s premier retail solution provider. Post a sixteen-year old legacy of defining retail spaces for innumerable brands, Shark announces Spin to help you reinterpret your home space. Spin furniture is a natural step in evolution given Shark’s proven prowess in working with metal and wood; an inspiring fusion at core of Spin’s design philosophy.

To us, the homogeneity of metals and organic goodness of wood makes for a lethal combination. They complete each other in an uncanny way but that does not mean they are an easy couple to work with! Their loggerhead properties posed unique challenges in certain product designs that we overcame one by one. Words of applaud for our supposed madcap designers and highly skilled as well as motivated craftsmen at this juncture. Together they took challenges head-on and collaborated tirelessly. Products were designed, prototypes made, tested for usage, sent back to drawing board if need be and cycle repeated until they passed our internal benchmarks. It took us at team Spin over two years of nurturing the idea and honing its processes before we threw our doors open. The results as they say, speak for themselves. Our love for great design and affinity for excellence shines through each of our products.

Spin’s edgy, precision-cut products are built in our cutting edge Industrial unit. Based out of Delhi NCR, this robust modern unit is unequivocally the largest such manufacturing facility in India. That distinction translates itself to some unfair advantages we have over our contemporaries. It makes us better equipped to maintain consistent quality, keep a stringent check on our production timelines, provide timely delivery and offer prompt after sales services to our patrons.

Spin is a game-changing idea; as much for us as it will be for the spaces its transforming products find their home in. Do go ahead and browse through these edgy, space-transforming, conversational pieces. Get them and say hello to a chic, interactive home- the Spin way!