Nytt Paper Tray (Set of 2)

Nytt Paper Tray (Set of 2)

Rs. 3,029.00


Continuing the SPIN philosophy of simple but utility products, Nytt paper and document tray is a set of object holders suitable for home and office. Made in folded Aluminium, it comes incorporated with magazine holders and A4 trays.  Manufactured from the simple cut and fold of an aluminium sheet, the set relies on technologically advanced materials. Our basic design instinct to keep manufacturing processes as simple as possible leads us to working with the aluminium sheet as if it was an origami, exploiting the thickness of the sheet.

These trays are practical, basic, stackable and come in a set of two with three colour options to organise everything on your desktop.

Dimensions (inch) - W12.5 x D9.25

Shipping - 7 days