Cora Storage Box (Small)

Cora Storage Box (Small)

Rs. 2,159.00

Available in two sizes of Small and Large, Cora storage units are truly multifunctional, on-the-go products. You could use them as Dining table caddies to organize your Pickles, Jams, Olive oil, Sauces, Beverages, Water bottles etc. Alternately, use them in washrooms to store your toiletries, rolled hand-towels etc. In washing areas, they make a stylish den for your washing and cleaning supplies. Organize your medicinal syrups, medicine box, first aid kit in a Cora storage unit and move it around whenever/ wherever required.

Cora product range beautifully reinterprets objects with mundane functionalities, making them cool and relevant to modern homes. The range is characterised by a bent metal sheet make and tubular wooden holders.

Dimensions (Inch) -W13.7 x H6 x D6

Weight : 0.8 Kg.

Shipping - 5 days