Cleaning and maintenance

  1. For regular dusting of wood-metal products, please use a clean dry/damp cloth and wipe with dry cloth afterwards. Most times, water does the trick.
  2. Avoid using a cleaning solution until absolutely necessary. Even then, use only a mild detergent or diluted washing liquid.  Afterwards, use a dry cloth to wipe and remember that its best to deal with the stains and marks if any, right away.
  3. Should water or drinks spill upon the wooden pieces, please wipe immediately with a moist cloth.  Dry with a soft lint-free cloth later on.
  4. If there is spillage of permanent ink, glue and the likes, we recommend that yourefer to a
  5. Products with fabric detailing like chairs and sofas should be vacuumed at least once a week.It will help in not rubbing the dust and debris into the fabric while cleaning up. Also as in case of wood surfaces, please remember that in case of any stains or marks on fabric; its best to deal with them right away.
  6. Do not use paper towels to clean fabrics/ wood veneer surfaces.

For longevity of your furniture/ décor pieces whether they are SPIN or not:

  1. Do not place cold, wet or hot drink containers likes glasses or cups directly upon the desk or Table surfaces. This invariably results to stains and damage to the grain of the wood finish. Usage of coasters is highly advised.  
  2. Ensure that you always clean in the direction of the wooden grain and not away from it.
  3. Aging of wood veneer pieces is a natural process. For all your wooden surfaces unless it is an outdoor piece:
    1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent prompt aging and variation in colour tones.
    2. Be mindful about moving the work elements on your desks/ tables every few days. This will ensure that process of aging is evenly distributed across the product.
  4. Take care that your furniture or décor pieces are not exposed to high temperatures or humidity whether in transportation or the space they are mounted.

Avoid using furniture polish on wood veneer surfaces as this results in smearing.