‘Form your story’

Our brand name SPIN derives from exploring fresh possibilities by giving a spin to existing forms or better put, by forming a new story.  You will notice each piece from house of SPIN imbibes this element of initiating a dialogue. Each piece is a conversation starter. Each one is a story teller in its own right. Hence the ethos of ‘form your story’ lies at the core.

SPIN follows a single minded philosophy of creating simple, minimal yet exciting products for modern spaces. We are creating SPIN as a limitless universe. It is our strong belief that despite the unending clutter in the name of product formation; the right kind of intervention in design can still create great products and make a difference.

In words of our Design Director Avenish, “SPIN design ethos lies in a wonderful strategic mix of two worlds, a Nordic - Japanese inspired minimal design philosophy mixed with modern industrial process. We call it minimal industrial design.”