We are an edgy furniture and home-accessories label. Our vibrant, conversation-starter product lineup is all about adding joy to everyday spaces. So be it your bedroom, your kids’ room or your living room furniture; rest assured that our pieces will add on to their cheery definition.
Each piece of ours incorporates modern materials, latest techniques, dynamite creative thinking, and is rooted in reinterpretation of Scandinavian design tradition. As such, each piece of ours aims at transforming your daily living. Our thoughtful, on-trend designs readily align with your ever-evolving preferences and free flowing modern lifestyles making us so much more than just another online furniture store.
So, what are you waiting for? Go on. Spin the world around with our exceptional, uber stylish range of lifestyle furniture and home accessories best suited to the evolving ‘you.’

At SPIN, we understand that when children love their studying and playing space, they tend to feel more enthusiastic about learning itself. This understanding necessiatates creation of an inspiring space that supports their studies, their playtime or even their doodling and craft hours. Result being our Kids collection that is colourful, vibrant, edgy and creative. While on one hand, it quietly nudges your little ones to think out-of-the-box, on the other it helps make their space friendlier and more inviting for them to spend more time here.Go ahead then! Reinvent your child’s room with our children’s bedroom furniture since our thoughtfully built Kids collection does make it a child play to do so.

Be it your workstation, your side table or your study desk; Tables play a very important role in defining your space. With their curious designs, SPIN tables work to twirl around the ambience of your home, office or furniture for restaurants and cafes.
Our edgy Tables Collection if we may blow our own trumpet is stylish, light and modern in just the right amounts to sync with your mood and transform your space. So whether you are looking for modern office furniture or cosy, edgy home tables; rest assured that you will find a stylish and dependable solution at SPIN. 

Your bedroom ambience is the first thing you take-in every morning and the last thing you embrace before calling it a night. Needless to say, it should reflect the modern, simple and fabulous lifestyle you aspire to live.
Enter our range of stylish and sturdy low-beds that are a perfect fit for every bedroom and the aspiration begins to meet reality. Steeped in Modern minimalism, our precision made beds signal a sense of comfort and homeliness that one always wants to come back to.
So if comfort, refinement, and strong support is what you desire from your modern bedroom furniture, you are reading the right pages. Look no further!

‘Minimalism’ as a trend is here to stay. Architecture, Fashion, Home décor, Furniture; it is the design buzz word athwart genres. Champioining the cause of ‘minimalism’ has been a hallmark of the Scandinavian School of Design or Nordic style.
At SPIN, we swear by Nordic designs and their reinterpretation the way only we can. Our furniture range oozes with simplicity and solidity across product lines and our Seating furniture is no exception. Our design essence revolves around clean lines, minimalistic approach and basic joineries. The vibrant colour palette we offer goes a long way in adding on to the happy vibes of everyday spaces. Conversation starter in themselves, our thoughtfully built and curiously designed pieces for your drawing room, dining space, workstation, and bedroom are bound to add to the spatial definition of your room.
You could say that embracing minimalism to make your modern space appear happier, livelier, edgier was never this easy!