Easy Box Large

Easy Box Large

Rs. 1,469.00

 Easy to use though not as easy to make, ‘Easy box’ is multifarious in its usage. It is made with thin cut hardwood put together with clean and precise joinery. It is as much a display object as it is a storage box. 

It comes in 2 finishes in Walnut and Oak. The beauty of the design is that it is stackable. Small boxes can sit cohesively over a large one and multiple large or small boxes can be stacked on each other. The provision of a strategic hole in the front allows for easy lid opening.

Easy box is multifunctional in usage and can be used to store and organise as many things as you can think of. It is apt to store your stationary and accessories including your fine scissors, thread spools etc. Alternately, place it on the shelf and use it as a display object.

Dimensions (Inch) - W4.7 x H1.6 x D9.4

Shipping - 7 days