Cole Optima Study Table

Cole Optima Study Table

Rs. 14,579.00

Bold and beautiful, our millennial range-Cole is sure to make you sit up and take notice. A product of simple yet optimized manufacturing processes, its Laser-cut beauty is accentuated with its welding-free joinery using exposed screws, nuts and bolts instead.

Best suited for workspaces where space is at a premium, Cole- Optima is an optimally sized desk with a rather ubiquitous no-nonsense air. One look and you know it means business. Built out of powder coated metal sheet, this confident piece signals it does not entertain any shilly-shallying around. Place your laptop, arrange your stationery, your desk organizers and strike home run for a productive day whilst it quietly augments the visual expanse around.

Add Cole- Optima to your workspace now because finding a work-desk so minimalistic yet commanding is a rare occurrence.

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Dimensions (Inch) - W47x H29x D28

Shipping - Within 21 days