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Stencil - 4 Poster Bed

Stencil - 4 Poster Bed

Rs. 71,999.00


We extended the legs of our signature Stencil bed to create a 4-poster bed. Constructed out of White Ashwood / Oak wood, this bed has a solid and comfortable wooden platform with a headrest in white-coated Ash / Oak. The beautiful wooden texture of wood you see is a result of sandblasting that introduced mild grain structures to the wood, which we absolutely love. Stencil 4-poster bed exudes a confidence that comes out of doing things right, which in this case would be the impeccable adaptation of a traditional design to suit modern sensibilities. It is minimalistic, comfortable and will redefine the way your bedroom looks. Pair it with our Zen bedside tables to create a stylish cohesive unit you will look forward to coming back to.Now nap, sleep, rest or just sit idle on it- you just wont get enough of its usage!. Sides tables / drawers, curtains, matress etc are not part of standard offering.

Dimension (Inch) - W76 x H94.5 x D80

Shipping - 30 days