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Neo Mini - Black

Neo Mini - Black

Rs. 5,499.00


Neo- our three legged stools cum side tables are all about solidity in style minus any fuss. They bring 'robust' back in fashion but redefine it along the way.  Notice the solid flow of movement from the round Oak wood / Ash wood seating to sturdy wooden legs. The detailing of flat metal sheet where top meets legs with able support from exposed joinery, injects the right amount of 'Industrial' to its look. You could use a Neo stool for primary as well as secondary seating. Occasionally, it could be used as a bedside or sofa table, take your pick. Available in five colour options of yellow, red, blue, black and white; these stools will look good in most layouts and schemes.

Dimensions (Inch) -W12 x H18 x D12

Shipping - Within 21 days