Eco Storage Locker

Eco Storage Locker

Rs. 9,499.00

Crafted with bent metal sheet, ‘Eco storage locker’ comes with an inbuilt lock and is aptly sized to keep your everyday important items away from prying eyes. So now you can stylishly lock away your important documents or cheque-books or incoming/ outgoing paperwork, your travel tickets and other recurrently used valuables. You can use it as a side table and give your room a loft look. Place it in kids’ room to provide them a lockable space and a sense of privacy or use it in your home office.

The sole design element of three lateral grooves in the front of ‘Eco locker’ injects the right amount of detailing to its no-fuss, all function design.

Dimensions (Inch) -W13.8 x H25.6 x D18.1

Shipping - Within 21 days