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Alpha System Inspirations

Alpha System Inspirations

Rs. 63,480.00


The ALPHA all-wall-system is intelligent, versatile and immensely adaptable. It defines the personality of your room areas while simultaneously improving their efficiency and making them appear lighter, cleaner, airier.

A systematic design progression, it is available in two sizes. Buy either or both and keep adding or moving the units across spaces as per your evolving needs. Capable of performing an entirely different function altogether in each new placement, it can be easily removed from one and reinstalled in another room within the same house

Offered in varying heights and widths, it gives you the flexibility to use it as a bookshelf / a display unit / a dining space organiser / an open closet and so much more across room spaces. The limitless functionality and placement of an ALPHA all-wall-system are constrained only by imagination.


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