Native Shelf 1.6 Tall

Native Shelf 1.6 Tall

Rs. 96,129.00


The Native Shelf system is more than just a library. It is a tool for contemporary users to create, structure and plant their spaces. The shelf is built with four components: a supporting shelf pattern made of aluminium extruded pipes; a molded metal joint used for attaching the third component- the legs made of 16 mm pipes and fourth- an hdf tray which is self locked into the frame thanks to its geometry. The shelf is available in two sizes to fit in any typology of space. 

The height of the modules can easily be tuned as needed. A timeless, elegant and detailed construction renders the native shelf system a multifunctional furniture which can fit a wide range of interior themes

Dimensions (inch) - W63 x H66 x D13.8

Shipping - Within 21 days