Neo Chair

Neo Chair

Rs. 11,069.00


This chair is our designers personal favorite since it was the first and therefore the base design for our Neo range of products. The beauty and texture of raw Oak wood / Ash wood is enhanced with clear coat lacquer and receives an instant brother-in-arm backing from matte finished flat metal sheets. This solid dining chair available in blue, red, white, yellow and black options will co-ordinate very well with either of our Quedro or Zyle dining tables. We must tell you that the first batch of Neo chairs along with our Quedro dining table found themselves a lovely home in New Delhi. Since we see the owners at their home often, we have had quite a few memorable evenings on and around these chairs. Cheers to many more of those evenings at that and all the houses Neo chair finds for itself!

Dimensions (Inch) -W16 x H31 x D18

Seating Height : 18 inches

Weight : 6 Kg.

Shipping - Within 21 days