Wing 2 Seater

Wing 2 Seater

Rs. 96,999.00


Sit back, be comfortable and get to work. The design of our new range- ‘Wing sofas’ draws inspiration from the changing work environment today. Available in three sizes- Armchair, 2-seater and 3-seater lounger; each piece from Wing series has a soft silhouette. Each one is a comfortable, inviting sofa that adapts to the user in these times when his needs change throughout the day. 

Tapered wooden legs, a quintessential metal frame in muted tones and thick supportive cushions make ‘Wing sofas’ distinctively cozy yet minimal.

Wing sofas are effective as individual pieces but they are great team players too. You can pair them with your other loungers/ sofas in your formal seating layout. Wing is a perfect solution at home or in office for privacy, comfort, and versatile space division while still creating an open, social environment.

Dimensions (inch) - W54.1 x H28.9 x D31.4

Seating Height - 18.3 inches

Shipping - Within 28 days