Free Lounger

Free Lounger

Rs. 28,279.00


The ‘Free lounger’ is designed to be an easy and comfortable chair/lounger that finds universal placement. Its name ‘Free’ is driven from its form and design entailing free thus movable seat cushion and back. The round metal frame is sturdy for life long usage and adds to a sense of spaciousness. The cushions are soft and inviting. Made of high quality multi layered foam and memory foam, they are designed to be comfortable. They retain their shape despite long and rigorous use.

Free lounger has universal placement as it can be placed in a living room, bedroom or in public places. The simple design and pop of colours can liven up any space. It can be used as a part of a setup or form a standalone cosy corner on its own.

Dimensions - W35.2 x D32.5 x H29.2

Shipping - Within 21 days