Cole Extenso Study Table

Cole Extenso Study Table

Rs. 19,229.00

Bold and beautiful, our millennial range- Cole is sure to make you sit up and take notice. A product of simple yet optimized manufacturing processes, its Laser-cut beauty is accentuated with its welding-free joinery using exposed screws, nuts and bolts instead.

If you are as much a seeker of clean and airy aesthetics in your workspace as we are, Cole- Extenso is the right work desk for you. Powder coated metal sheet goes into the making of this straightforward piece. Given the largeness of space it offers, there is so much more scope here to accessorize it your way and mirror your personality into your work desk.

With Cole- Extenso's organized and reflective bearing on your workspace; if you feel your creativity and productivity increase, then the pleasure is totally yours!

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Dimensions (Inch) - W63 x H29 x D28

Shipping - Within 21 days