Cora Wastebin

Cora Wastebin

Rs. 5,039.00

Who knew ‘bin-it’ would be something-to-look-forward-to some day?

Our effortlessly playful and stylish ‘Cora waste bin’ does so with a certain elan. Whether it is lifting its metallic flap to bin what you must or holding its wooden handle to carry it around, this is one piece you will enjoy using. Also with its undeniable good looks, it finds easy placement in any setting- minimal or not!

Cora product range beautifully reinterprets objects with mundane functionalities, making them cool and relevant to modern homes. The range is characterised by a bent metal sheet make and tubular wooden holders.

Dimensions (Inch) -W13.4 x H16 x D11.8

Weight : 2 Kg.

Shipping - 15 days