Splash Plant Stand (Set of 3)

Splash Plant Stand (Set of 3)

Rs. 4,999.00


Oozing contemporary cool, our 'Splash' plant stand adds on a whole new dimension to the placement of Greens inside your beautiful homes. It is a sheer joy to play around with their varying heights and colours while seeing your space come alive.

One next to your armchair to complete your chic reading nook is a great idea. And so is using a pair of them to flank your three-seater or simply stationing them against a wall. Splash on then!

Dimensions (Inch) 

  • W15.5 x H26.5 x D15.5
  • W14.5 x H24.5 x D14.5
  • W13.5 x H22.5 x D13.5

Shipping - 5 days