Wrap Wicker Bar

Wrap Wicker Bar

Rs. 60,269.00


A design extension of our existing Wrap console; the Wrap Wicker console infuses the finesse of factory-found industrial elements into homes. We wanted to extend this exciting material and form combination into more categories and a console bar seems to be the perfect one. 

Illustrating an expression that is uniquely Spin, Wrap Wicker console uses warm and cold materials to come to life.  A combination of 3 major materials goes into its making- Metal sheet which wraps around the veneered top and bottom, Hard wood and Wicker sliding panels in the front.

Wrap Console Bar gives you a storage and bar counter in unit. You can pick up your favourite single malt from the organised bar and use the top to make a drink. There is storage for 10 wine bottles (plus 10 more on the lower shelf) and planned spaces to slide in your flutes and wine glasses. The lower shelf can act as a place to slide your wine bottles or to display your books.

Dimensions (inch) - W43.3 x H35.4 x D17.7

Shipping - Within 21 days